Basics of Branding in 2021

What is Branding?

We all in some way or form act very conscious of our personality outlook, branding agencies do that for your business. We want to present ourselves in the best possible manner in front of others. As we all know, the first impression sets the tone for the remainder of the interaction. To make a positive impression, we do our best clothing, wear nice perfume and greet with a smile. We do this to come off as someone nice human being. The first impression sets our image at the back of the head of others. Similarly, companies in order to set a positive impression, do branding. We have been providing services for more than a decade and are among the best branding agency in Toronto.

Branding is a process that is used to set ourselves apart from competitors and peers. Coca-cola and Pepsi are world-famous cold drink brands. Both of them have their own personality attributes and consumer market. A brand compromises of name, tagline, logo, symbol, design, and more. A consumer or customer experience with the brand as a shopper, social media interaction, or a  passerby act as the brand voice. To rank among the best takes a lot of effort, and we are proud to be among the top Toronto branding agencies.

The Branding process

The branding process consists of researching, developing, and applying a unique set of features to the organization so that customers can associate themselves with the product or service. Branding is a process involving customers and the business ideology at the core of it. At the end of the day, branding is one of the most important aspects of your business, if not the most important. It makes business enjoyable, encourages consumers to buy from you and brings employee’s pride. It helps customers in deciding whether to buy the product or not.

As per statistics, more than 60 per cent of the shoppers buy from brands they already know. In short, a branding agency helps in giving you the identity which is a lot more than selling a product or service. It is the face of the company. It is part of marketing; best branding agency and marketing done together flawlessly help in setting up a great business foundation.

Key Branding elements

Some of the key branding agency elements to follow are given below with an explanation.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness means how much people and particularly target audience are familiar with the brand. It leads to a company referred to as trending, buzz-worthy or popular. It marks the first step in the process of branding agency’s cycle, and one of the key steps as well.

Brand extension

As the term shows, an extension of brand to develop a new product in a new industry or market. This helps in setting up new streams of businesses. Pepsi and 7up are common examples of brand extension. PepsiCo started off with Pepsi and later did business extension with the help of the brand extension methods,  i.e., 7up, etc.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is the personality of the business and the promise you make to your customers. The first thought that comes to your mind when we talk about a business is brand identity. It compromises your business values, how you communicate your product or service and what you want when people interact with you.

Brand Management

The process of creating and managing the brand is what we call brand management. Tangible elements of the brand i.e., style guide, packaging, colour palette and intangible elements i.e., customer perception of the brand are all part of brand management. Keeping a brand among the best requires the implementation of the latest branding techniques in order to be successful.

Steps to create a Brand

If you are looking to start a business or are in a process of rebranding, the following steps will help you set up a branding strategy. Jot down the branding ideas, connect the dots and you are one step closer to the branding of your business.

Target audience

Branding leads to awareness, which leads to recognition and as a result, trust builds between the business and the customer. This cycle acts as a steppingstone in the revenue generation process. One thing that is key in the above argument is the customer, or it should be the target customer. If brand awareness steps don’t match with the customer values, the revenue generation cycle will be hard to generate.

Before doing branding, you have to understand the psyche of your target audience. What you learn from your target market and buyer interests will influence your branding decisions.

Your business mission statement

Your mission is what differentiates your business approach to your customers. Why you start in the first place, has to be passed on to the readers through the mission statement. Before you craft brand strategy, your audience recognizes, values must be able to communicate through mission and vision. Each business has its mission and vision. This statement acts as a stepping stone of your brand manifesto, which encompasses why your organization is for and what people will find here and not anywhere else.

Visual Assets

Visuals are always more attractive and engaging than theoretical content. Colour, font size and other visual elements are part of visual assets. Brand guidelines help in setting the colour combination which represents the true nature of the business. The intimidation power of visuals is exciting and makes visual assets an important part of branding.

Your Brand Voice

The auditory component helps in setting the tone of the brand. As visuals are necessary, voice is also one of the key branding elements. Communication with the target market is thought of as a branding voice. A brand voice that customers resonate with, help in setting up the consumer market.

Branding through digital media

Digital media comes at the top of the branding tools. The world without digital media is like a needle without a thread. Digital media experts help in setting up trends. Following are some of the important digital tools and techniques to do branding.

Website Development

Website development is to set up a digital presence. As almost if not all, most of the brands have a digital presence. Having a business without a digital presence is like black and white TV.

Social Media

More than half of the world’s population is actively using social media. Capturing the social media consumer market using social media Ads becomes a no-brainer,  to increase the consumer market. Visuals integration with social media help in setting up a new set of the consumer market.


Packaging is one of the most tangible assets in branding. Branding should be done through each and every possible method, and packaging should not be left. Beautiful visuals and engaging content should be used to make the best use of packaging.

Paid Advertisement

Paid Advertisement services should be used at times when a quick and fast resurgence of a message is needed. Ad services are one of the oldest forms of branding and have always been in use. Mostly Ads are made on special occasions to promote products and services for special occasions.

Sales and Customer Representative

A brand is all about the people behind it. If people behind it religiously follow the brand values and ethics, they help depict the image, a company is striving to achieve. Following the branding, guidelines are key for sales and customer service representatives to help achieve success. Whether answering customer inquiries or showing a product demo, customer sales representatives have a great deal of amount of work to do.

A brief conclusion

Consistency is key to branding success. Consistency in approach, desire to accomplish, desire to prosper helps elevate and strengthen the company branding perspective. Before jumping on to the gun, one must thoroughly understand the business mission and vision, and the target audience. These elements act as key in designing and setting up the branding strategy of the business. If one of the steps are not taken with a clear mind, the whole of the branding process can go wrong.


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Ammad Ahmad is working in the marketing team of PNM Group. He has a background in Computer Networks and a passion for learning and sharing knowledge with others. He has working experience as an SEO writer in a diverse range of fields, Tech is one of his top interests.

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