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How Branding is Done for Medium Size Businesses?


As a small and medium-size company, the head of the organization thinks of branding strategies as a mighty task that will require a huge amount of budget. That is not the case anymore, and utilizing the branding tools and techniques available online on a finite budget can help your business reach success. Larger companies have big budgets and therefore they can afford to do high-end branding practices. This does not mean to stop thinking of branding, as many more avenues can be taken to do branding and reach the target market. If you are looking for a branding firm in Toronto, you are at the right place. Drop us an email and one of our support staff members will be with you shortly.

In order to branding, one has to first understand the point behind it. In simple words, it is the term to measure the degree of percentage of a company’s recognition among consumers. The more people recognize the brand, goes to show the efforts that have been done to do branding. Given below are the key strategies to do branding regardless of your business size.

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Branding strategies for SMEs:

Branding has never been this important. In order to stand out among competitors and peers alike is not possible without showing to the consumers what makes you unique and different from them.


Research market before applying campaigns

It is surprising to see how much companies spend on branding. This also helps in understanding how important it is to search market place before spending any money and effort. There are many online surveying tools to find the target consumers. Surveying is worthwhile spending which helps understand a lot more of the consumer interest and also in clearing some of the misunderstandings still in the mind of the investors.

One important thing to learn is what your business competitors are doing. As competitors, social media posts and consumers reviews can greatly help what is trending and what is the current consumer’s interest. If you can figure out the ideal prospect’s interest and what fascinates him about the product can be the most crucial element in increasing sales. One of the famous service providers of learning about the target market is Hoovers. But there are free resources as well, such as InfoUSA and ReferenceUSA. These websites are for accessing business databases.


Establish Branding budget

After finalizing the target market, the next step is to finalize the monthly or yearly budget. This budget is to avail paid branding services alongside using free branding practices. There are plenty of free online guides which can be to learn about setting up a budget for branding. One of the best resources and top-selling books for branding budget is, ‘Determining the Right Marketing budget for your Company’.


All Branding activities should be Consistent

Like any other discipline, consistency is key in order to succeed in brand awareness campaigns. It is equally difficult for consumers as well to understand what product and service provider brand is all about. If consumers find it hard to understand what brand is all about, why will they avail of the service or buy the product? This brings us to our original point that consistency and clarity in the communication mediums among all the campaign tools, i.e. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc should be kept at all times. The tone of the message tells a lot about the stand of the organization in the eyes of the consumers.


Clearly articulate products or services

It is important to tell your customers what you will be providing your customers in detail. Following are the key points that one organization has to answer to clients and prospective clients to understand what you are selling.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What product or service do you provide?
  3. Who is your target audience?
  4. What makes you different from competitors and peers?
  5. Who are your peers or competitors?
  6. What benefits can consumers get from your products?
  7. What are the unique needs of the company?

Above given are the questions a business should be answering so that everyone who reads the answers clearly understands what the brand is all about.

Importance of testimonials and endorsements

In order to validate and justify your organization’s portfolio, you need to have reviews by clients who you have and present those in a way so that they catch the eye of potential customers. In addition to filling the website with testimonials, don’t forget to ask for customer reviews on Google, social media, and all2 other relevant platforms.

Use word of mouth branding strategy. As when we go to an amazing restaurant, we share the review with our friends and family to try out their meal. Likewise, word of mouth review helps greatly in convincing potential consumers. Word of Mouth Marketing Association(WOMMA) shares the following key elements to do verbal marketing.

  1. Educate people
  2. Identify people whose services can be used to market.
  3. Provide tools to share reviews.
  4. Study the reviews shared and give feedback to those reviews.


Make your Online visibility first priority

Online presence in this digital world is crucial, as it helps connect with the consumers far away and reach globally. Trade shows and print Ads are important and are not affordable for all small and medium-sized businesses.

In a very less budget as compared to the budget required for print marketing, organizations can now do online marketing. The use of basic SEO is a must-have to survive in a competitive market. In short, branding or campaigning with the help of Print Ads can cost up to 5000 USD, whereas campaigning on online platforms such as Google Ads campaigns, Facebook campaigns or any other online social media tool will cost much less, most probably 500-1000 Dollars.

Cross-promotion is another of the famous methods used to do branding. In cross-promotion, one organization collaborates with another organization and promotes each other on multiple platforms.

Integration among all the marketing platforms is necessary to make users find your organization online easily. Importantly, each platform has its own uniqueness and should be used to its full potential to succeed.


Continues communication

Communication is key in order to stay connected, and communication between organizations and consumers is vital in business success. The E-newsletter should be sent on a monthly or weekly basis to stay in the eyes of the consumers. Whether or not consumers read the newsletters or not, staying in connection will help go long way.


Analyze work

branding strategies

A timely review needs to be done to inspect what has worked well for the organization and what changes need to be brought in to improve brand awareness. Google Analytics is one of the most commonly used services to analyze the website, and it can lead one learn about the mistakes. Third-party companies are also a great way to reach in front of target audiences with a minimum of fuss.



Brand development Agencies with the help of cutting-edge instruments can help you with quality regular traffic to your site. This return helps increase the leads. One should develop the brand story and brand care using the latest modernism publicizing designs to exhibit accomplishment. PNMGroup is a branding firm in Toronto with a portfolio to facilitate its success stories. If you’re looking for the best branding companies for your association, PNM GROUP has them all.

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