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A famous saying, “stationary water of a pond gets spoil”. Ancient human beings used to live in mountains and forests. They used to cover their bodies with large leaves of trees and these leaves and herbs were used as food and roof as well. Life was not so. The current shape of human life is due to successive struggle for enhancement and improvement of it. Human life’s history is full of constant innovations and renovations. Industries, companies and factories played a crucial role in such reformations. These companies and industries were present in their different shapes throughout the history. The fundamental endurance and restoration tool was creativity and newness in formulation of wares related to human life. Here, also, in the subsequent discussion we will overview and bracket together all the probable impacts of such creative designs on the conversion of potential users.

Struggling Face of Creative Marketing Agencies

Creation of new designs in a similar brand re-presents the struggling face of a creative marketing agency. Creativeness links with all the process comes about in execution of any idea to the real ground basis product. So the creativity is essential in ideas and its output. These agencies try their best to attract the visitors and twist them into their potential customers. Potential Customers of a company is the group of people who bear the capability of purchasing their products. This capability needs to be developed through making the product in a competitive way of invention. Obsolete designs are of no use in day to day routine instead placed in shelves and cabinets as a little antique to memorize the tradition and culture of the ancestors merely.

Survival of Creative Agencies Associated with Creativity

An addition of a single feature in a product changes and upgrades its model. Creativity in designs plays the role of backbone for the survival of creative agencies . Survival of a firm is correlated to the number of consumers of their product. Increase in the figure of users, empowers the chances of survival of a company. Failure, in conception of new proposals, ranks down the entire company. Novelty in brands attract the glances and images, caged down in eyes, explains all even before inquiring the background. A visual idea of a well-built design elucidates well than a text of one thousand words.

Creative Designing a Challenge for Company Owners

From a street shop to the large multinational company leaves no stone unturned in order to enlarge the volume of their product users. This is greatly possible via replacing old designs with new creative and attractive designs of their brands. The owners of such shops and companies think day & night while spend sleepless nights to tug the attention of wanderers. A well-developed design is a discriminating tool between a blooming and glooming business. Quite fairly, a well- groomed and well established business is the upshot of creativity in designs.

Creative Designs and Impressionism

First impression is really the last impression. In the world of digital marketing, impressionism is of countless significance. In the bulk of same merchandise items, only attractive designs draw attention of the visitors. A creative design only bears the worth of changing its place from the market to home or wherever it is to be used and operated. Every manufacturing company tries to furnish their artifacts with the latest features. But the attention towards the products draw, how they designed it. Parallel to it, users opt and prefer to buy such products.

Digital Marketing Agency Builds Image

No one from the consumer community goes directly to the manufacturing company for purchasing their products. They come to know about it through digital marketing agency which compels a customer to buy that typical product because of the image built in the consumer’s society. In Pakistan, may be in some other countries, a vendor or hawker with loud voice has more sales comparatively to a hawker with low and pathetic voice. These agencies act the similar pivot role in introducing certain product to the outer world in a more profound & audible way and represent the company’s customer-centered vision. This image building in visitors mind is possible only due to the inventive designs. It attracts the visual visitors and keep them engage until these visitors become the target audience. Customer – centered designs stay fresh in the minds of consumers. Users setting in their homes, shops, workstations and offices regard the brand of a company that in true means meet the comfortable and luxurious requirements of them. Furthermore they will refer the product to others for being its welfare and consumer – axis devise. Petroleum agencies create natural green sceneries in surroundings of their filling stations either by artificial plantation or nature preservative paintings on the walls of their stations to show sympathy with the environment irrelevant to the practical steps they take or not. This is one of the ways to enlarge the circle of potential customers. In contrast, irrelevant Logo and Slogan has a very derisive impression on the reputation of a company, irrespective how much they are doing practically for the betterment of products based on environment- friend theory.

Company with Creative Designs Lead the Market

A company with creative design leads from all aspects. Two companies producing same product with similar ingredients but different in labeling and designing will have different circle of consumers. The fascinating and imaginative design will lead the market. Here leading the market directly links the large figure of consumers. In this case a brand is memorable due to its ingenious design which makes the queues of clients.

Loyalty with Quality and Charismatic Creative Designs

A company covers its voyage from root level to the apex by providing quality that meets the customer needs. Consumers show loyalty with the quality. This quality is of no use if not properly introduced to the crowd. In crowd of men, the most attractive is the person, who is well dressed and having charming outfit. The same phenomenon revolves around the manufacturing companies. The most charming & creative design is often appealing and also the most purchasable in the entire market.

Like and Dislike Directly Related to the Creative Designs

If a product fulfills the need of all the consumers in same unique way, then what is the purpose of varieties in a similar product? Yes, the only thing is human’s nature of likes and dislikes. The likes and dislikes of two real brothers do not match. So, the creativity in designs addresses the desires of a consumer. An early product may not be liked by a person but the same product in a bit different design may be the best one of the same person. This natural habit of liking and disliking increases the circle of potential customers through resourcefulness in designs.

Consumer Centered Science and Arts

Designers do not shape only chanting products. They keep the entire consumer – centered science and art in mind while developing a product. The psychological needs, color combination, reliability, flexibility, design theory and all the elements related to the consumers requirements. Creativity in designs starts from the idea of customer’s desires. In this way wanderers become potential customer if designers successfully hit the desirable concerns of users.

Easy Introduction of Creative Designs

Successive creativity makes a brand strong, significant and popular. Users are emotionally attached to that strong design. They wait for the publicity of new design of that specific branding agency’s product as someone waits for his favorite weekly TV serial throughout the entire week. These strong designs lasts a lifetime impact on users and it becomes very easy to introduce to others. This introduction becomes a way of publicity for the company and enlarges the circle of customers.

However, a large investment and massive setup do not mean a well flourish business. A business, only, survives and flourishes when a process of creativity never comes to an end. It will be evergreen in all circumstances, if it implements this theory of novelty and creativity in designs.


Mudassir Malik is an entrepreneur, tech expert, BPO and operational excellence coach currently working as the Co-founder and COO at PNM Group. Mudassir has been in this industry for over a decade now. He has helped several North America based companies with different mega projects including a state-of-the-art job board, national portal for customers facilitation for a Canadian State company, etc. Currently, he is overseeing the strategy and vision, major client relationships, and leading key engagements at PNM Group which is a leading branding agency based in Toronto offering full scale design, development, branding, and digital marketing related services.

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