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Invitation and Invasion are two unlike and contrasting terms. Invitation encourages, invasion interrupts. The invitation invasion disrupts or sometimes horrifies. The Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising may be in a relatively identical context. A Digital marketing Agency adopts a more sophisticated, sober, and personal stratagem to its potential clients. In contrast, Advertising opt beeline or shortcut track and own a widely targeted way of communication to deliver the brand’s product message. Although both the tactics are to draw the eyeballs of the online visitors towards the brand products they digitize. A marketing agency makes gradual incline access to potential customers.

Digital Advertising

An Advertising is an interruptive means of communication marketing. It’s a subsidiary of digital marketing. It appears in the form of pre-roll ads. Its primary function is to convey a brand’s product message to an undefined audience. It’s irritating due to its direct access as an intruder. It’s not formed to address any specific person, region, or searcher.

It disturbs watching time and interferes with people’s interest in the movie’s content. People do not afford disturbance, merely, for an invaded advertisement. It’s not an effective mode to convey a brand’s message. People wait for “skip” time, as it completes, press the “skip” option and resume the movie content.


Unlike digital agency solutions for probable problems, advertising creates a nuisance. It’s mind-boggling due to its irrelevant entry in the watching content. It’s careless about your message. The prime aim of creative advertising is to reach out to a huge number of viewers. It senses that, in advertising, numbers bear significance.

That’s why Digital Advertising is similar to spreading a cast net with huge holes that allow fishes to swim across the net. Here the disruptive nature of such advertisements acts as holes. In a plain lingo, it seems like a gigantic billboard on an extremely busy highway, where wayfarers and travelers focus more on the road to avoid any accident and emergency instead of glancing at the publicity messages. In such circumstances, a billboard does not mount any worth, irrespective of how precious the message is engraved on it.

Such that Digital advertising desires a huge amount of money to reach the masses with disruptive communicating features, but still can not be ignored and overlooked. It’s considered an essential marketing tool, although sometimes expenses justification is difficult to level up. However, marketers are hopeful for it’s a bright and crucial marketing choice.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is another term for online marketing. It is a systematic and highly targeted mode of marketing. It’s attractive and minds accepting with its numerous charming tools. Marketing is the leading and most admiring track of marketing your business. Its fundamental aim is to reach out to the specific person with his/her typical interests, demographics, searching, and web history. In alternate diction, it chooses customers centered approach to get closer to the potential users. Personalization is an example of such a relationship, where a customer is dealt with in a more personal manner.


It is a vast field of marketing online. A digital marketing agency in Toronto aligns its goals with the online marketing trends in a more convenient manner. It provides a multimedia-based platform for marketing reasons. marketing is not merely restricted to email or web pages. It also encircles the social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp, etc. These social media apps are, now, tending more as business accounts. Facebook and Instagram are effectively used to invite potential consumers. These social media apps have been equipped with robotic business features; catalog management, instant reply, automation when offline, fascinating & glowing galleries, and much more. These apps can be with link-sharing features. People on websites may find your content while searching for any typical keyword. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been smartly used in designing these apps.


The content of a digital marketing agency compels a visitor to watch it. The digital marketing content bears various shapes; native video form, audio-visual or audio-graphic form, content writing, or the collage of all or some of these. A visitor may pick up his/her own choice to make awareness about his favorite brand product. Practicing this way, a connection is established with potential clients and a brand product.

A digital agency in Toronto is hired to attain competency in relation to its brand product consumers. It bounds a person to the product in a connection of heart-core satisfaction.

Digital Advertising vs Digital Marketing

The rise in advertising, in a broad aspect, is a term from the jargon of Marketing. However, advertising is different than digital marketing in its goals vision. Here are some of those:

  • Beeline vs Deep Thinking Approach

    Advertising is a beeline or shortcut approach to its viewers, whereas digital marketing makes a long-term and deep thinking approach to its potential customer. The earlier focuses number of viewers on the other hand later revolves around customer satisfaction. In other words, marketing struggles to reach its potential customers rather than to increase the number of content viewers.

  • Trading vs Psychology

    This comparison of Digital advertising mainly focuses on sales rate while digital marketing makes efforts to satisfy the potential consumers psychologically. Digital advertising is a trading tool with no fixed goal but to enlarge the viewers’ circle. Hence, Digital marketing spread arms for long terms.

  • Quantitative vs Qualitative Gains

    Digital advertising concentrates on quantitative gains i.e, increasing the number of viewers. In contrast, digital marketing centers on qualitative gains i.e, to satisfy the customers with brand products and find out their loyalty with the product.

  • Attracting vs Repelling Content

    Digital marketing content is designed in such a manner that it compels and attracts the visitor to watch it. Opposing it, digital advertising has no such attraction sources. The viewers prefer to skip it on completion of “skip” seconds. The reason is an interruption in the desired content of the viewers.

  • Awareness vs Development

    Digital marketing is not a term. It’s so vast in its domain. It’s a complete process of developing loyalty with the brand product. It encompasses a whole process of brand product marketing from digital guidelines to customer’s emotional attachment. It also aligns its parameters with creative agencies, as like creative agencies in Toronto, to represent the brand product in the best and unique possible tactic. But digital advertising, merely, focuses on publicity and awareness. It’s not concerned with emotional or formal attachment to the brand product.

  • Selection vs Enforcement

    Digital advertising follows the basic role of enforcement. As it interrupts and disrupts the viewer’s attention. The skip option can be but not prior to the “skip in seconds”. So, it is a sort of enforcement, where a viewer’s intentions. However, marketing presents a massive and huge variety of content for its potential users.

  • Highly Risky vs More Profitable

    Digital advertising bears a monetarily high risk. As it interrupts viewers and no one likes interruption during the content watching time. So, most of the viewers escape such ads and there is no profit to the marketers. While marketing offers multiple multimedia platforms where there are no such disruptions. A viewer watches on a “what and when” basis. Here the choosing choice generates a large revenue for the marketers.

Digital marketing is the best platform for today’s business, with varieties of marketing choices. Instead of high risk and abundant loss factors, the significance of digital advertising may be felt in the future. If digital advertising gets updated and with the removal of its disruptive feature, it may become a leading head tool in the world of marketing.


Mudassir Malik is an entrepreneur, tech expert, BPO, and operational excellence coach currently working as the co-founder and COO at PNM Group. Mudassir has been in this industry for over a decade now. He has helped several North America-based companies with different mega projects including a state-of-the-art job board, a national portal for customer facilitation for a Canadian State company, etc. Currently, he is overseeing the strategy and vision, major client relationships, and leading key engagements at PNM Group which is a leading branding agency based in Toronto offering full-scale design, development, branding, and digital marketing-related services.

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