Latest digital marketing trends for your business

Latest Digital Marketing Trends Essential For Your Businesses


Times have changed tremendously now and in the world of marketing, it’s not an exception. If you are in any sort of business and not doing any digital marketing, you are missing out on a lot. Marketing is like a backbone to any business model. Since we live in a world, where the Internet is a source of medium which leads and sets trends in every niche we can think of. It has changed the way how marketing was done in the past. Digital Marketing is always evolving and every year new tools and techniques replace the old ones.

Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Though presentation matters a lot, and in this case, UI (User Interface) plays an important role in the digital world. Artificial Intelligence based digital marketing tools are considered the future of the digital world. As more and more organizations are getting aware of the importance of AI, they are moving towards it. From suggesting products and services based on the previous search history to understanding human behavior in more detail. Artificial Intelligence has brought a whole new dimension to the world of the Internet and has left no stone unturned.

At the core of it, digital marketing is done to do brand awareness. Different brand awareness strategies allow businesses to connect with consumers on a deeper level. Digital marketing specialists set trends that help us reach the consumer on a more personal level are discussed below. The more authentic you are to your consumers, the more valuable it will be to your business. Given below is a brief description of the latest digital marketing trends.

Use of AI Technology

The use of AI technology-based digital marketing tools has become a topmost need in order to stay among the consumers and peers alike. AI is predicted to power the future of web services and in particular digital marketing. Chatbots, SEO tools i.e., SurferSEO, marketing automation are some of the common examples of AI-based tools. According to Accenture, ‘Incorporating AI to the workplace has a potential to increase productivity by 40 per cent.’ This goes to show the importance of AI in the present business consumer world and how it has changed the business dynamics altogether. One thing which remains constant on the web is that ‘Content is King’.

Importance of SERP

For several years, Google has brought changes to its search console result parameters. More than ever before, the snippet position has become important now. As there is a continuous increase among competitors, digital marketing based SERP features help stand out among the best. SERP (Search Engine Results Page) features include:

  1.  Featured Snippets
  2. Knowledge Panel
  3. News box
  4. People also ask
  5. Site links
  6. Image packs

Use of Social Channel

We all know the power of Social Media and the influence they have on us. With the continued increase in the use of social media and rise in the use of social media, brands have starting depicting their brand awareness with the help of Social media. A social media campaign is used as they have been influential in the success of many of the brands. One more thing that has been added to Social media is customer segmentation. Instead of a small number of large social media campaigns, it is recommended to have a large number of small campaigns. This has proven to be more influential. In short, customer segmentation means dividing the target audience by certain traits and then campaigning for each segment accordingly.

Authenticity of content

One thing that is key among all digital marketing trends is authentic human connection. If digital marketing is done just for the sake of marketing and not keeping the authenticity, the content will not get the right appreciation and acknowledgement among the masses. At the end of the day, the end goal is to keep a long term connection between the product or service and the consumer. Digital marketing tools and techniques are made for businesses to follow and adopt to increase consumer market reach and eventually increase sales. The important thing is to come up with content that aligns with the thoughts and emotions of consumers so that they can relate to it.


Most of the consumers feel welcomed and distinguished when they receive a marketing notification personally i.e., Emails etc. Email campaigns is one of the most powerful and common methods used for personalized marketing. Every interaction with the brand matters and if done through personalized marketing, the impact is everlasting. The trust factor is what matters the most to the consumers. If the brand continues to provide quality products or services, consumers start to trust the brand more and more.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has over time increased and gone on to become one of the most important digital marketing assets. Mobile Phone video consumption has almost doubled every year. There is no second thought that why consumers like to see more video content and similarly brands are willing to spend more on video editing software’s. Again, the video also helps connect in a more personalized way than for example images do. Whether it is a sales video, advertisement or presentation, video marketing helps attract more eyeballs to the content than other graphical content will ever do.

Optimizing content for search

Most often than not consumers search content online to search for queries they have. The query can be to search for something, learn about something or take action. Optimizing your content according to the search engine metrics will help you come among the top rankings of search consoles and eventually will help bring more consumers and brand awareness. It also helps retain consumers and drive conversions. 4 primary reasons for search intent are:

  1. Informational
  2. Investigational
  3. Navigational
  4. Transactional

Google frequently changes its local SEO algorithm. Likewise, normally consumers search for local SEO and it is important to focus more on local SEO as this helps in ranking higher in Google’s SERP.

Agile Marketing

We all have heard of the term Agile marketing or agile business model. Unlike before, modern business models have shifted to the online agile business model. This business model has upped its game to replace its physical activity. To be agile means to change business needs with the change in the consumer needs and current trends. In order to adopt an agile business model, one has to understand the consumer needs and act accordingly. One has to take a holistic approach to lead conversions and leverage social media to personally engage the audience.

Email Campaign

Email campaign and marketing is one of the most common and prominent methods to do brand awareness. It helps build a relationship with clients and nurture leads. Many of the businesses have seen an increase in sales as email acts as personal notification. Email campaigns help conduct test metrics in order to set workflow and email automation.

How PNMGroup can help market using digital marketing trends?

It won’t be wrong to say that digital marketing is the backbone of the business and having a business without a digital presence is of not much importance in the present day and age. The same goes for the Real Estate business, the real estate business has also changed or transformed tremendously over the past decade or so. Now, home buyers, sellers, or leasers don’t have to go to the Realtor’s office to see the properties. But with the help of Individual Realtor websites like RINA.CA or a group of realtors website i.e., PPRETEAM, you can connect with your consumers any time of the day of your liking without going to the office.

PNMGroup is a leading digital marketing agency in Toronto. This helps them rank among the best Realtors in their respective neighborhoods, and they continue to be one of the top clients of ours.


Digital Marketing Agencies with the help of digital marketing tools and techniques, can help you bring quality organic traffic to your website and increase your leads. One should build the brand story and brand awareness using proven and latest digital marketing trends for proven success. AI has been an up and coming thing in the world of digital marketing and has helped in taking businesses to new heights. A chatbot is one of the most prominent features of Artificial Intelligence-based digital marketing tools. PNMGroup is a digital marketing agency in Toronto with a portfolio to match. We would love to help you rank higher by using keyword-rich digital marketing techniques to climb SERP as quickly as possible. If you’re looking for the best digital marketing services for your company, PNM GROUP has them all.


Email marketing is one of the most common and free of cost marketing methods, which has made Email marketing important for all businesses.

Videos have an engaging power that no other digital media tools have; which makes them one of the most important digital marketing tools.

AI is the future - and digital marketing tools like SurferSEO and JARVIS are some of the top and widely used AI-based digital marketing tools.


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