myths about digital marketing

Myths about Digital Marketing

Myths about Digital Marketing


Times have changed and the world without the internet is like black and white TV. As we cannot think of a world without coloured TV, similarly businesses without digital marketing are nothing. Though it is not that traditional marketing strategies are not part of marketing strategy anymore, it is that the digital world took over the marketing world. As of this, we cannot think of marketing without it. One thing to keep in mind is traditional marketing has its own place and if a perfect combination of traditional and digital marketing is in place, success is not far away. In this blog, I will be sharing a few of the myths about digital marketing agencies to help you overcome some of your misunderstandings in relation to digital marketing.

Myths about Digital Marketing

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Some of the most common myths about digital marketing are as below.

All your business needs is a digital marketing

We have to understand that digital marketing is a core part of marketing, not the sole purpose of marketing. Each marketing element has its own place and value, and it cannot be put to rest by some other marketing practices. Traditional marketing methods, i.e. newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio have their own importance; and they can never be put under the carpet by the latest digital marketing trends. This shows the importance of traditional marketing methods. One can not ignore the proven practices. A perfect blend of traditional and modern has proven to be fruitful for many businesses.

Content Marketing is not that Important

Content is what makes one website different from another website in terms of consumer preference. From a consumer point of view, they decide to work with you on the basis of content that is on the website. If they find the content engaging, they will consult with you for your services. This goes to show how important is content marketing. Most of the online service providers think that once the website is active, their work is complete and there is nothing important left to do. It is not like that, we all have read and heard the phrase ‘Content is king’. What you say is what tells about your approach. Likewise, what is on the website, tells about the business or company’s values and morals. Likewise, in order to make the most of your digital marketing trends, you got to have content that attracts consumer attention.

Social Media Profile is enough

Social media has its own importance and it cannot be put to rest. As almost 2/3 of the world population is using one or more social media applications and targeting potential consumers using social media campaigns is critical to business success. But as previously said, just having a profile is not enough. Content on the social media profiles makes the profile and the content stand out among competitors. Trust is always earned through communication, and in this case, social media profile acts as a communication tool between the business and the consumer. So, the words have to be well thought out with the incorporation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to rank among the best. Just to let you know, more than 70 per cent of users make their minds on the basis of user reviews on online platforms.

SEO is dead

SEO is far from dead. With over 1 billion websites, there is more work and competition than ever before. SEO has the power that allows businesses to attract consumers at the rate one could ever have thought of. The power SEO has is unimaginable as compared to any other marketing practice. At the end of the day, organic traffic is what all companies strive for. It is not possible to get organic traffic without following SEO practices. PPC is costly marketing which is also left to do digital marketing but it’s costly digital marketing. Thus it costs a lot more than doing marketing with the help of simply SEO. This brings us to understand the importance of SEO and how it helps businesses reach success.

Email marketing is a thing of past

Email marketing is one of the most successful forms of marketing and is free of cost, which makes it even more useful. The most likeable point is that it’s the personal form of marketing, where the user or consumers feel that he or she is getting special attention. If we think of Google or YouTube Ads, they are more of public Ads. Whereas, email marketing is quite different. In Email marketing, readers feel that they interact in more of a personal way, and as a result; it has been found that more than 70 per cent of the emails are read by users. Ultimately, this goes to show the importance of Email marketing. It is one of the oldest forms of marketing. Ever since digital marketing became a thing, email marketing has been a part of it.

Digital Marketing is Technical

Another myth of digital marketing is that it is very technical. Whereas, in reality, it’s the tools that are technical and if you are a bit technical mind you can learn to use the tools quite easily. You need to have a more technical mind to better utilize the tools to persuade potential viewers to be your consumers. I would like to bring your attention to the point that digital marketing tools require less of you being technical and more of having a marketable approach. In order to learn and understand the tools, YouTube can help you as there are courses online for free to learn by experts. Nowadays, it is not difficult to learn anything. Especially with the help of free YouTube courses. Courses from all fields of the world are uploaded on daily basis.

Optimization of website for Mobile Phone is not necessary

If it is a fact that Mobile phone users of websites and web applications are a lot more than laptops or desktop computers, it won’t be wrong. The mobile phone provides features which are not any less in any way or form than offered by laptops or personal computers. This brings us to the point that website optimization for mobile phones is a lot more important than ever before and having a mobile phone optimized website will have a lot more consumer market views than a desktop or laptop website or web application will ever have.

Bad comments will have a devastating impact

Well, bad reviews will have a bad impact. But this doesn’t mean that it will be the end of the business and there won’t be any more clients to your website to avail of the service. Bad comments also show that there is authentic traffic and the comments are not fake. Like positive comments, bad comments show that the business is real and clients are giving honest remarks. As we all have seen that there are websites that have just positive comments and not any single bad comment. Comments represent the consumer interaction part of the business. It can never be put under the carpet. Regardless of the type of the comments.

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