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How we help Real Estate professionals in Website Design and Development?


Your Website Design and Development is one of the most important aspects of the brand’s global presence. and its key that design is a true representative of your brand. Your website is also a place where you turn your leads into conversions; this goes to show the importance of a website. An important thing to consider is we keep the audience in mind when developing the website – and a website should act as a good experience for both you and your audience. Website Design and Development services include building, creating and maintaining websites. It includes web publishing, database management, web programming, and content creation. We are a Toronto-based Web design and development company. If you are looking for any such service, you are on the right page and can get in touch with us at Phone: +1 (647) 499-7288 or Email us at Support@PNMGroup.co, and one of your sales assistants will be with you shortly.

Web Design

 Having an online business presence is not an option, but a necessity.

Brand Image

A website is a reflection of your brand and what it stands for. Nowadays, it is one of the first things, people look at to understand your business and values. Some of the important website elements are color, font, images, etc. Therefore, one has to select website elements keeping in mind business values.



As a rule of thumb, you need to keep your website layout simple and clean. Be concise and to the point in explaining the web services you deal in. To reach perfect web design, try different layouts and based on User Experience before finalizing your web design. 


Fonts and Typography

A common practice is to keep a font size that is easy to read and visible. Your font style represents you, so you have to select the one that represents you. 


Site navigation 

One of the advantages of simple and clean website design is site navigation. The simple web design makes navigation easier and reaching the desired page a lot easier. The goal of having the website is to help visitors navigate and reach desired information easily and quickly. Airbnb for example has a very simple yet effective website design where users can navigate easily. 

Website design and development is an important matter and should be considered seriously. If you are looking for a website design, PNMGroup has got it covered for you. We have specialized web designers and web developers in Toronto for several years and have been working with many of the Real Estate companies. If you are looking for web designers and website development, you can reach us at support@pnmgroup.co, and will make sure that your web page is a true representation of you and your business values. 

Web Development

According to a report, a normal person spends more than 6 hours online each day. This goes to show how much we have inclined towards the online world and how important to have an online business presence for your business. With the discovery of COVID, it has become new normal and people don’t mind buying anything and everything from online business websites.

As food is a necessity nowadays, having link with the outside world is not possible without internet and business and consumer relation is based only on the Business website, pretty much. If you have been working as an offline business, you have a regional presence- but if you have a website that showcases the products and services you deal in, you have created a completely new stream of the business. It will present your brand as well as the product and service you deal in for consumers across the globe. One of the advantages of having a web presence is you can effectively communicate with your consumers and all consumers can see your business from a single point. 

Blog posts is another of the web site features which help consumers stay up to date with the latest news and trend about the business. It also helps in the SEO of the website as blogs keep the website active and help rank higher in browsing. 

Website Design and Development Features

Likewise, connectivity is also improved as compared to having an offline business. Your website is 247 active and consumers from all over the world can connect with you regardless of the date and time consequences. People with the advent of the Internet have got addicted to the online world and going to shops is on the decline. With the help of Mobile, tablets, and Laptops; consumers are always just one click away from the desired website. 

A business website shows the credibility of the business. Most businesses nowadays in order to prove their reliability have a website. It not only shows reliability but also the authenticity of the business.

For example, if you see ‘Toys 4 u’, they used to have an online presence but when they went bankrupt; they decided to go offline and eventually to complete lockdown. This helps you earn respect and among the peers and consumers likewise. 

One of the important features of having an online presence is it helps to compare products and prices in the shortest possible time. In the past, if we wanted to compare the price of the products available at different shops; we had to go to the shops individually. Now, it’s the same anymore. Now, with the ease of the internet, you can access and compare prices of the products of your liking, and based on user experience and satisfaction you can decide to buy more easily and efficiently. 

How pnm group can help you?

It won’t be wrong to say that a business website is the backbone of the business and having a business without an online presence is of not much importance in the present day and age. The same goes for the Real Estate business, the real estate business has also changed or transformed tremendously over the past decade or so. Now, home buyers, sellers, or leasers don’t have to go to the Realtor’s office to see the properties. But with the help of Individual Realtor websites like RINA.CA or a group of realtors website i.e., PPRETEAM, you can connect with your consumers any time of the day of your liking without going to the office. 

RINA and PPRETEAM are the websites designed by our team of website designers and developers. Not just that, we also provide brand building and digital marketing services to them. This helps them rank among the best Realtors in their respective neighbourhoods. And they continue to be one of the top clients of ours.  

Importance of website design and development for real estate businesses

The real estate business was not like this in the past. With the advent of the Internet, the real estate business has seen new heights and continues to grow further. In the past, home buyers or sellers used to go to the realtor’s office to see the property images. Now, it is not the case anymore. Instead, with the ease of the internet and the ease of your home, you can access real estate websites of the neighbourhood of your liking.

Especially with the help of government-supported platforms, i.e. MLS/IDX Canada, this real estate business has gone on to reach new heights. As all the properties are listed and managed from a single point. IDX helps integrate realtors web sites with government-approved neighbourhood listings. This makes the whole process a lot more reliable and authenticated. This process has also made it easier for both the parties, buyers, and sellers to not get in the trouble of paperwork. 



RINA.CA is a website developed by a group of web developers and is continuously being maintained and updated by us. RINA is a sole realtor and the website is ranked among the best real estate service providers in Oakville. In order to keep the website among the best in the respective neighbourhood, our digital marketing department continuously keeps the social media feed updated with the latest and upcoming real estate news and trends. The creative department also helps to come up with the latest skills and techniques to attract consumers. 



PRETEAM is a group of realtors who specialize in Luxury Real Estate and are one of our top clients. Our web developers developed their website keeping in mind the brand perspective and are ranked quietly in their respective neighbourhoods. Our Marketing department provides them with off-page SEO services. To keep the site among the best in the particular area –  our computerized advertising division consistently keeps the online media channel refreshed with the most recent and impending land news and patterns. The innovative office likewise assists with concocting the most recent abilities and methods to draw in customers.


Here at PNMGroup, we are the leading web development agency in Toronto and have got web developers with expertise in web development in both the front-end and back-end languages. If you or anyone you know is looking for web development services with customized features.

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