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A restaurant in a food street; with prompt and speedy service of waiters, safe and pleasant environment, moderate rates of meals, customers’ complaint responses and above all delicious tastes, is preferred to dine in. Digital marketing trends direct you to launch a website for your online business. A company, almost, for its website expects the same factors from a web hosting company. Every web hosting company claims to be the best host with well-desired features such as infinite bandwidth and desk space. Yet none of them has the Aladdin’s magic lamp to raise your web up overnights. But still, you have to observe some of the features such as; vigilant security, efficient responding team and have high uptime. Companies with or more than 99.5% uptime are regarded as worth bearing. However, companies below 99% of uptime should be avoided.

Web Host

Web hosts are companies that provide their services on a rental basis to host a website on the internet. A web host acts like a bridge between a website and the searcher. Once the service provider hosts your company’s website, searchers on a search engine by typing your online company domain name can access your webpage across the world. It is mandatory to keep your website live, growing, and searchable on a search engine.

Which Sort of Web Host to Choose?

Before taking the judging factors into account for web host selection, it’s also necessary to select the right web host for your website. These web hosts offer typical services that differentiate them from each other. Your online business brand product and expected target audience also decide the category of service provider which is to be picked up for your website. The first and basic thing you need to sleep over is the volume of your business and target audience. It will assist you out to choose the right kind of web host for your business.

Website hosts are categorized into many categories on the basis of their service provision features. These web hosts may be understood in their individual status as:

  • Shared Hosting

From the term “shared hosting”, it is crystal clear that the web host also shares its server with other users. The most significant features of this sort of service provider include the cheapest rates along with the little storage and fewest resources. It is the best option for your business’ eCommerce solutions. Your web hosting company will manage the server on a shared hosting basis. You will not worry about its management if you are not having enough web management experience. This is the best option for your new and small business.

Unluckily, shared hosting also bears some adverse remarks. It means that the activities of other websites on the same server can affect your performance. A web with heavy traffic can interrupt your web performance and also its harmful activity can crash and defame your web. However, it does not mean that shared hosting is worst for business, it still provides their best services to new business startup webs.

  • Dedicated Hosting

It lies on 180 degrees opposite to the shared hosting. But here you will be the owner of an entire server. Security threats to other webs will not disturb your web performance and desk space. Such kind of web hosting is preferable for a huge business with large expected traffic on its web. For a new and small business, it may prove a financial killer.

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

If you are well aware of the adverse effects of shared hosting and the high financial costing of dedicated hosting, you need to opt a Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. Although you will get a shared server the sharing features, i.e. desk space, etc., are virtually allocated and pre-defined. The activities of another web will not interfere with your performance. This is the best service provider platform for growing business with the cheapest rates like shared hosting. Digital marketing in Toronto has a greater tendency towards this sort of web hosting company.

  • Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is another sort of web hosting. It uses multiple servers to equate the load and increase uptime. It uses a cloud of servers rather than restricted to a single server. A failure or load excess does not meddle with your web speed and performance as it switches into another server in such cases. Its notable benefits include isolated resources, easy scaling, less costing expense, and increasing uptime.

Parameters You Ought to Know Prior to Choosing a Web Host

Constant searching for the web hosting company of your niche, guide you to a prominent and distinct web hosting company. Even then before rushing towards a bond with the cheapest web host, there are some leading parameters, on the basis of which,  a reliable web hosting company can be selected:

  • Monetary Cost

A famous saying, “Rose petals fall back if throw upward”. You will get the same quality of services for which you have been paid up. This is not the last but the most influential factor in acquiring the services of, either a web hosting company or a digital agency in Toronto. The cost price drags either the best or the worst web hosting company. There are many service providers that provide about resembling services at the same cost. The nature of your company website assists you out in the selection of a service provider. A simple webpage with an expectation of less traffic and bandwidth should be harnessed with the cheapest but reliable and available web host along with other required features. The most complicated webpage will demand a more web host with more complicated features and a respective high cost.

  • Technical Backing

This is the factor that leads and keeps the traffic on your webpage. A strong technical backup will be possible to provide for your webpage if the service provider has a well aware and proficient digital solutions team. If a webpage faces any technical problem in prime hours due to huge traffic and no technical back is provided on time, the rating of the webpage declines on a search engine. 24/7 technical backing is to be ensured prior to signing a deed with the web hosting company. Reviews and feedbacks of their previous clients on its own webpage can be proved crucial in taking their services.

  • Support From Security and Privacy Protection Aspect

Security and privacy are the non-compressible features at any cost. Most of the security flaws occur due to pathetic administrator attitude and the weak password. It is to be ensured that the service providers also include the monitoring services, firewalls, privacy protection, and more security adds-on. A quick and rapid response from the service provider can tackle the threats from cyber-attacks and the execution of flaws due to malicious activities.

  • Speed

Speed is standing amongst those features which empower eCommerce conversions. After spending a huge amount of money and precious hours on your web designing, with a web development agency, you must not overlook and ignore slow speed loading time. Here at this stage, you ought to search for a web host that provides you a faster and more smooth speed time to load your webpages.

  • Control Panel

It is often termed as a user interface where you govern and administrate your website yourself. It is another feature that your web host provides to your online business website. Any change that you need to make is carried out through the control panel. It is bothersome to contact every time to a web host for even a small change, like digital solution Toronto, to bring about on your web. So make sure that you are gaining the services of the right web host which meets your needs in the best way. It is to be kept in mind while choosing a web hosting that your service provider uses the cPanel, Plesk, or services like it. At least, you ought to know that the control panel should be like a control panel you can use easily and smoothly.

  • Scalability

It is an important factor to consider while keeping the business expansions in mind. Growing businesses need a scale to update your business website. Scalability is a wide range of back support from hardware to technical support. Some service providers offer automatic scalability to level up your business digital agency needs automatically and parallel to the business expansion.

  • Exit Strategy

The first and foremost thing in choosing a web host is your business growth and interests. So interests are preferred in such dealings. At the time, when it is realized that the interests are not being satisfied, steps are required to end up the bond with the web hosting company and a fresh bond with another web hosting company, for your online company needs to be signed. Here you may face upsetting conditions if not carried out the exit strategy in advance. You are required to read well over and over the fine print of the deed to avoid and prevent such situations in advance. A well-defined exit strategy with the service providers keeps company owners flexible and satisfactory.

In a nutshell, these parameters will aid you out in the selection of the best web hosting company of your business website’s choice. Your job is to think deeply while considering the business strategies well in advance.



Mudassir Malik is an entrepreneur, tech expert, BPO, and operational excellence coach currently working as the co-founder and COO at PNM Group. Mudassir has been in this industry for over a decade now. He has helped several North America-based companies with different mega projects including a state-of-the-art job board, a national portal for customer facilitation for a Canadian State company, etc. Currently, he is overseeing the strategy and vision, major client relationships, and leading key engagements at PNM Group which is a leading branding agency based in Toronto offering full-scale design, development, branding, and digital marketing related services.

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