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The world’s history revolves around constant transformations. The traditions and civilizations that could be most popular in any era, are obsolete today. Have you ever thought about the bone-breaking reason for survival? Of course, it is plain to understand. Human nature is not something static. It demands unceasing changes in surrounding to have more than enough. The civilizations which could not survive are obsolete today. This is 2020 and digital transformation is deciding and shaping digital marketing trends. Digital transformation is the process of introducing digital technologies to create new or modifies the existing business route, culture, and customer experience to cope with the varying business requirements.

Why Digital Transformations Are Needed In Online Business

Digital transformations, in online trading, are the necessity of the current digital age. These transformations enable businesses to reach out to the target audience in a more reliable and trusting manner. The running shape of online business is highly transformed and influenced by digital transformations. It will continue to alter its form and pace in the future as well. Why digital transformations are mandatory in digital marketing? Here we will try to account for such reasons:

  • Need for Existing Age

    The need for digital transformations started with the transition of analogical mode to digitization. Hence, the process of transformations is over the years. Businessmen are watching for more digitally profound ways. They look for every possible transformation to catch the sights of their potential customers.

  • Competing the Competitors

    Your Competitors are already taking the steps to transform their online business with new digital transformation strategies. To beat them in the digital marketing trends, you need to glance out for the most successful strategy with less expensive deals. 

  • Personal Approach to Customers

    Digital Trends is equipped with a more personal targeting approach. Reaching out to the customers in person demands a great deal. But the digital transformation successfully covered the voyage with more fruitful outputs. This approach is more appreciable as it keeps the privacy of the customers prior to digitization.

  • Increases Marketing Efficiency 

    Digital transformations are practiced to increase marketing efficiency with new business-boosting technologies. Addressing a large number of potential audiences with the latest online marketing tools is the essence of digital transformations. An online company stands out in a more stable form due to its successful digital trends.

  • Multimedia Platform

    Digital marketing trends can be hyperlinked to each other. The digital transformations enable such hyperlinking. It’s contributing largely to online business is comparatively less amount and time. 

  • Good Bye Paper

    Digital Agency Blogs are being the magnifying glasses to the potential audience and also promoting the paperless environment. This digital transformation tool is playing a crucial role in promoting business ideas and dragging potential customers.


Digital Transformation Strategies Building Tools

The top is always empty. The digital transformation strategy is so much important for a digital marketing company. It aids a lot in managing the company’s future goals and its subsequent achievements. Digital transformation strategies are on some of the building tools. These transformations demand experience and a core understanding of any business. A strategy is not necessarily applicable to all sorts of businesses in the same specific way. It differs from business culture, goals, and impacts. The upcoming discussion encloses the building tools for digital transformation strategies that bring changes required for your company in a most active and effective way:

  • Analyzing the Company Culture

    The culture of your company is a leading tool in transforming your business strategy. The culture of your company consists of the manpower, brand products, services, and sometimes even location plays distinct role information of your digital business strategy. If analyze it well in real-time, can help a lot in understanding the impacts of a new strategy and its penetrating dimensions into your business. The latest technologies like Artificial intelligence, network security, WiFi technology may perform better in your company and worst in a company located somewhere else depending upon its culture. Digital marketing agency in Toronto greatly emphasizes the company’s culture in bringing about any digital transformation strategy.

  • Determining Business Goals

    An aimless person is always directionless. Goals are important in taking your business to the climax. The introduction of technology in your business should be parallel to the goals. These goals decide to choose the right strategy at the right time.

  • Calculating the Risk Factors

    Always take the calculated risk. Before Indulging in a new digital transformation strategy, do not overlook the risk factors. These factors will assist you to adopt a strategy or not. It must be properly addressed and documented. 

  • Testing Experiments

    An experiment shows you the best and accurate way. Once you have set goals and documented the risk factors, it’s time to carry out testing experiments. Experiments should be to a section of your business that recommends or rejects the strategy for the company and will not affect the entire setup.

  • Asking Feedback

    Taking frequent feedbacks is the most motivating way to implement or reject a strategy. This method may be in a survey, group, or questionnaire form. But will help a business to opt or give up a strategy. 

  • Implementing Technology

    On the successful completion of all these steps, the application of technology is used. But still to be to a section or department of your company. The application will also assure the unsung aspects of the new strategy.

  • Never Give Up Analysis

    Analyze the new strategies constantly. It will demonstrate to you about further expansion, reduction, or quitting the new digital transformation strategy at your company. The constant analysis will lead you to a more convenient and stronger transformation strategy.


Top Successful Digital Transformation Strategies for 2020

Pre-planning prevents poor performance (5Ps). A strategy acts like these 5Ps in any digital transformation. A strategy enables a team leader to glance out of the hut for any compelling and crucial change that brings a remarkable turnout. Here we will discuss some of the top successful digital Transformation strategies for 2020. These digital strategies have been notable and numerous transformations in the digital marketing world.

  • Implementation of Digital Marketing Campaigns

Online companies are expanding more to reach out to the target audience in a simple and efficient manner. Brand awareness with digital solutions is the leading aim of digital marketing campaigns. It also reaches and finds out the increasing number of potential consumers. Digital company owners are focusing more and shifting towards digital marketing campaigns for their online business marketing. Executives with the successful implementation of digital marketing campaigns suggest applying mobile, web marketing, and digital advertising along with website and company app. These additional transformations will fill the empty spaces of brand awareness. It will boost up the return on investments (RoI) as well.

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence to Know Customers’ Core Needs

Artificial intelligence (AI) has entirely changed the business dimensions. It is a must having option due to its multiple uses and advantages. Although its basic function is data analytics it can deal with a customer online, manage balance sheets and accounts. Businessmen rely more on the suggestions on the AI system. It analyzes data and uses it in the production of brand products with wonderful accuracy that meets the market demands. These accurately designed brand products drag more customers. Customers’ satisfaction comes out in the form of loyalty to the brand product’s quality. AI can be used to obtain results above expectations instead of digitizing human actions with increasing returns on investment.

  • Provision of Better Customer Experience

The digital transformation strategies must be on customer-centered values. A customer has to be with a better experience. AI and office automation may be used to offer the best services to customers. It provides a wide space for customer interaction and brand product development. A digital transformation is the deliberate action of better customer services and not the development of an app or website. Customers expect a lot from the digitized business. A company must also keep certain demography, culture, and other relative features in offering its services and product designing. Digital companies must propose a list of customers’ satisfaction that to be ticked on fulfilling the desired action.

  • Use of Big Data with More Business Opportunities

Digital transformation gives an online business a very big storage capacity to be used for digitizing purposes that offers increasingly more chances for business. This is one of the most admiring digital transformation strategies with better eCommerce solutions. Web services provider such as cloud hosting has the capability of digitizing a company website on multiple searching engines. Human intelligence is, still, of great importance although machines are being \to be the threatening agents to manpower. However, world digital markets are being more with each passing day and raising huge opportunities for online marketing.

Every businessman comes across different experiences that build and shape his business direction. Counseling with these experts and taking their opinions about any digital transformation strategy leads towards a bright track. Although this tactic is not directly concerned with the digital transformation strategies but still can affect and boost such strategic aims. 



Mudassir Malik is an entrepreneur, tech expert, BPO, and operational excellence coach currently working as the co-founder and COO at PNM Group. Mudassir has been in this industry for over a decade now. He has helped several North America companies with different mega projects including a state-of-the-art job board, a national portal for customer facilitation for a Canadian State company, etc. Currently, he is overseeing the strategy and vision, major client relationships, and leading key engagements at PNM Group which is a leading branding agency  in Toronto offering full-scale design, development, branding, and digital marketing-related services.

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