digital marketing vs social media marketing

What is the Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing?

Digital marketing and social media marketing are mostly confused and interchanged. It happens when the marketing team or someone who works on marketing strategy.
But the two are different aspects of marketing, i.e. one is an umbrella term, and another one is a category of it.
Digital marketing is a bigger term; it includes different marketing terms, and social media is one of those. In social media, we prefer doing marketing on social media platforms, and so is the reason it is known as social media marketing.
While on the other hand, digital marketing means the use of digital media for the sake of marketing where we include all types of digital formats, including the use of social media, Pay Per Click (PPC), and a lot of other digital platforms.
For marketing, digital marketing is a customizable marketing strategy that depends on users’ and marketers’ utility and business needs.
Also, there are different kinds of marketing known as physical or print media marketing, like the use of newspapers, magazines, and knowledge platforms to spread information about a certain product or company.

What is a Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is something that is used for spreading awareness and doing promoting a certain train brand with the help of digital channels.
The two main components of a digital marketing agency include online marketing and offline marketing.
Below are two categories a digital marketing agency uses for versatile marketing.

Online Marketing:

A digital marketing category that works under content marketing, mobile marketing, video marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, and social media marketing is online marketing strategies.

Offline Marketing:

Opposite to online marketing, offline marketing includes different physical marketing channels, i.e. television, radio, SMS, and billboards.

What is a Social Media Marketing?

The use of social media for the sake of marketing purposes is known as social media marketing. Social media platforms include different channels that are being used worldwide.
Facebook is the most popular social media platform that people use in the world. That use of Twitter, Instagram, is very famous for social media marketing as marketing tools.
Not to our surprise, studies say social media applications are being used by billions of users nowadays.
Facebook crosses its 2.5 Billion users, and it is considered among the world’s top 5 technologies. From this fact, we can think of the effectiveness of social media platforms in social media marketing.

Top Differences Between Digital and Social Media Marketing:

The difference between digital marketing and social media marketing is quite obvious from the above paragraphs.
We bring you a clear and precise understanding of the real difference between the two terms. Here is a brief discussion for understanding different topics, including marketing platforms, speed effectiveness, content strategy, etc.
Digital marketing agency Toronto has been working on branding and marketing for our loyal customers. It uses different social media optimization and social media campaigns for the sake of marketing. Also, this branding agency is concerned with branding and marketing start-up ideas.
To clear the main difference between the two terms, we focus on different elements in which we consider and undertake the following information.
 Digital marketing works beyond the internet, and it implements different strategies to target people either in online mode or offline mode.
 Where on the other hand, social media is a strong and powerful platform that is a content-based platform. With it, one creates different content and spreads it over social media marketing platforms.

Marketing Platforms:

Since digital marketing is a complete and distinct marketing strategy, like other marketing agencies, different platforms work under this marketing hub.
Below is a list of used marketing platforms among which social media is updated form itself.
We do content marketing, mobile marketing, video marketing, affiliate website, search engines, and different kinds of marketing. All these platforms work under digital marketing.
Digital media is scattered in two dimensions, either in an online channel or offline channels, i.e. use of radio, TV, and billboards.

 Content Marketing
 Mobile Marketing
 Video Marketing
 Email Marketing
 Affiliate Marketing
 Website Marketing
 Search Engine Marketing
 Social Media Marketing

Social Media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are famous ones. These social platforms help in communication and interaction with different peoples around different regions of the world.

 Facebook
 Twitter
 Instagram
 Snapchat
 Pinterest
 LinkedIn

We can easily distinguish the difference between marketing and social media marketing; social marketing is a branch of digital marketing.

Marketing Speed:

While talking about marketing speed of the very to marketing strategies, social media marketing wins with the effectiveness of different applications like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.
Since these social forums cover more areas of people and it becomes easy to touch and target relatable customers to the product. And hence marketing with the help of social media is a speedy process.
In contrast, digital marketing makes you wait for the customer’s response to the marketing strategies.
For example, billboards, telephone SMS, and television marketing take more effort to create content for digital marketing. On the other hand, we need fewer efforts in social media marketing.

Work Effectiveness:

Continuation from the speed perspective of a marketing strategy, social media is very effective in spreading information and doing marketing as compared to digital marketing.
The main reason for the success and goal-oriented attitude of social media is its more customers and fast speed.
It is hard to deny the use of social media and influences to target the right audience.

Content Strategy:

In digital marketing, we need lots of content for different types of media channels.
For example, for a TV ad, you have to make visual impacts and make customers view the ad.
On radio, you have to add voice effects and an attractive voice person to catch the listeners.
Similarly, for billboards, you need to do enough and efficient graphic representation of the product.
Where for social media marketing, you need a simple, efficient, and one-time design for all channels, and then you have to look at the results when the post goes viral.


While talking about cost-effectiveness, digital marketing strategies like the use of offline mode and online mode cost less as compared to social media marketing strategies.
Since social media charges extra than digital computer marketing because of higher usage and resource consumption, for this reason, social media influencers and marketers charge a little bit more as compared to digital media.


Wrapping up the entire discussion, it is a debatable talk, and we cannot confirm whether digital marketing is better than social media marketing.
Through this article, we get a detailed analysis of different factors, including marketing platforms, marketing speed, work effectiveness, content strategy, and cost-effectiveness of both marketing tactics.
Now, it is up to you, and mostly it is a trade-off to go with any of these marketing. Since cost is a major factor, whenever we talk about doing marketing so if a person is concerned about reasonable cost, then going to digital marketing is a better choice. However, for better speed and good results, social media marketing would be a great idea.

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1. Is Social Media Marketing is a type of digital marketing?
Yes, digital marketing is an umbrella term, and social media marketing is one of the strongest pillars of digital marketing.

2. Is Facebook digital marketing?
Facebook is a component of social media platforms. It is the world’s most used social media application. Moreover, social media is an aspect of digital media. Hence Facebook is a part of digital marketing.

3. What are examples of digital marketing?
Examples of digital marketing include:
 Content Marketing
 Mobile Marketing
 Video Marketing
 Email Marketing
 Affiliate Marketing
Website Marketing
 Search Engine Marketing
 Social Media Marketing

4. What is lead generation in digital marketing?
Lead generation is the core purpose of a digital marketing strategy. It is a process of doing enough activities to attract customers and make online users the company’s permanent clients.

5. What is a campaign in digital marketing?
Every small effort put in by a digital marketing agency to get the goal is known as a campaign.