What is IDX / MLS? Complete Guide for Real Estate Professionals

Whenever a visitor scrolls a real estate website and checks Multiple Listing Services (MLS), he gets to know about the property details of neighbouring communities. All this is possible due to IDX; Internet Data Exchange.

IDX is a common term used by real estate website agents in order to get information about the neighbouring places and put it on the website. So that whenever a visitor looks for any relevant data of MLS, he receives it in time.

In a nutshell, this data is portrayed with help of IDX service being used on certain websites.

IDX does follow things:

  • Display MLS on real estate websites
  • Give users access to search for active listing
  • Secure consumers’ privacy

Availability of data regarding sold listing, open houses for selling, other property details across different levels, and the listings in MLS all this is obtainable with a single click with the help of IDX extension.

Moreover, if you are a real estate agent with the willingness to build your website or if you already have a website and you want different people to search MLS on your site then it is a great idea to get IDX to activate on your website to welcome more customers.

To get IDX features on your real estate website; it is mostly demanded to you have an association with a certain realtor association. PNM Group is a Canadian company that provides IDX services and IDX Canada company provides the best services and MLS approach to newcomers in the real estate field.


What is IDX/ MLS?

IDX is a major term that is used in order to cover different standards and policies along with the information to display a real estate listing on websites.

IDX enables multiple listing services for real estate agents and different brokers so that they could integrate their real estate website and show listings from MLS; Multiple Listing Service databases on their website.

Here the question arises that why IDX was needed and what was created. To answer this, we can say that when a global market has enough knowledge and you can access their data to show on your website; then why do you need to make your own setup.

In the same way, IDX providers i.e. PNM Group; is an IDX Toronto company that provides multiple listing services to real estate agents so that they could use them with the websites.

Another valid reason for the creation of IDX is the availability of data and accessibility of it from a single point instead of making separate bigger data houses. You just need to sign up with a realtor association; just borrow its data and show it on your website.

MLS is reserved for data for real estate agents and brokers. On the other hand, IDX is a software that is hosted on a website that allows real estate agents to choose the listing from local MLS in a very short time.

How does IDX Work?

IDX is introduced in early 2000, right after the evolution of the internet. It works very simply. If you want to add IDX expansion on your real estate website; you just have to do the following steps:

Sign up for a realtor account that offers IDX extension services. Go to the place of the page where you want to add a real estate listing. Then add a section and search for the MLS IDX real estate listing. After that add that section and choose the theme you want to add to it.

Below we get a complete guide for real estate professionals where they would know how to use IDX and its benefits.

Guide for Real Estate Professionals: IDX Toronto:

It is very important to know about the integration of IDX with a real estate website. Since it is a key feature and very important step to having an association with a certain verified and qualified realtor association.

It is important in a sense that a good realtor increases the chances of boosting your website bring it in search engine and search tools index your pages on the top listing.

List of different features and steps that one real estate agent can use to implement it on his website to get more clients in terms of making his website rank well.

Account Creation:

The first and most important step in the integration of ideas with a real estate website is account creation which is already explained in the earlier introduction paragraph.

Account creation is a simple way of signing up to create an IDX account where you associate yourself as a real estate agent with a realtor association. By doing so you get the propriety of a certain realtor website like PNM Group.

Sharing Updated Listings:

After setting up your account, it is time to get the market under your control.

Agents and brokers use IDX to share the most updated information to potential buyers with the help of their websites.

Research says that almost 44% of the prospects and clients search their curies for property and lands online. So, real estate agents who do not use integration with IDX are not getting advantage of their websites.


Getting Maximum Leads:

You can get maximum lead generation on the website with the help of website IDX and MLS.

Getting maximum is not merely about getting more viewers but also you can know the interest of visitors and feature the functionality according to their interest.

By using interest information, you can use implement features and make customers receive email alerts from your brand.

In this way, you can let them know the latest updates regarding the real estate business and more information

Data Sharing: Integration of Social Media and Different Devices:

Data sharing is the main purpose of IDX integration with real estate websites.

You can create social media accounts and share the link with different customers to provide the latest information. Hence attract them to like your website.

Also, you can use different devices including mobile phones, laptops, PC, smartphones, tablets, and other hand devices to let them know about the latest updates.

We should know that social media has a great influence on the entire world not only in real estate but every sector of our life. According to studies, almost 99% of people uses the internet to search for their queries and almost 77% of real estate user or interested people are social media active users.

So this idea is a helpful tool in reducing efforts for information spreading and related tasks. Also, the association of different devices and MLS listing sharing across different devices would be very helpful too.

Data Security:

Last but not the least, the most important feature in any integration system is data security. Whenever you sign up with any company, you sign up with the terms and conditions without looking at the conditions actually.

In major real estate portals, users’ critical data is being exchanged for the sake of money. But the association with the IDX Toronto will never happen.

Because we don’t let real estate agents do so. It is the most secure and user-friendly tool. It secures customers’ data make them relax in terms of updated data and personal information security.



In the above entire discussion, we discuss what is IDX and MLS? how does it work? and what are the guidelines for real estate agents to use ideas on their websites?

We must go for ethical activities to perform any integration or self-made system. At the same time, few activities should not be done by real estate agents including showing the data redundantly, providing clients data with the data they don’t want to see.

Faking the data in terms of showing more credibility.

Expressing the personal information of the customers for the sake of a few pennies and uploading content without approval.

PNM Group is the only Canadian company certified and approved for IDX/MLS Services.



How do I get MLS IDX?

By following a few simple steps one can get MLS IDX:

  • Sign up for a realtor account that offers IDX extension services
  • Go to the place of the website page where you want to add a real estate listing.
  • Add a section and search for the MLS IDX real estate listing.
  • Add that section and choose the theme you want to add to your webpage.



CRM is a tool that manages relationships of customers and companies here in IDX, it is concerned with providing MLS to the agents who use this data to show on their websites, so we can say that IDX partially acts as a CRM.


How to open an IDX file?

Follow the steps given below and know how to open an IDX file.

  • Hit “Media” at the top of the Video Lan session.
  • Select “Open File”.
  • You will see an “Open File” dialog and browse the IDX file in your system.
  • Select the file and open it.


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