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A brand is no longer what we tell the consumers it is. It is what consumers tell each other instead” Scott D. Cook says. These words elaborate on the significance of a brand on bright day light. In today’s concept of globalization and networking, an online business is not, mere, the process of buying and selling. It is rather the brand’s quality that yields loyalty and survival to your business. Your brand is the identity for your business reputation.

Branding is a marketing practice that aids out a company in recognizing its products to its potential customers. Commonly a company’s logo, name, slogan, color scheme, and message are considered to be the branding essentials for your company. Your brand is what your customers recognize your product.

Choosing a Right Branding Partner

A man is known by the company he keeps. This quote is the best fixable to the companies in the selection of the best branding partners. If required care is not observed prior to hiring a branding agency, business goals are impossible to achieve and the company falls flat to level the end. The ongoing discussion will introduce those points which are taken as a magnifying glass to view the branding criticality of a branding partner:

Defining the Goals

Your goals show you the right and clear path to travel on. Defining and knowing your business’ goals is the foremost significant step to take in searching out your real-time business partner. Your goals may be; addressing the new customers, value-adding for existing customers, innovation in designs, looking out for new markets, building customers’ loyalty, and searching for new revenue generating streams. All these objectives are very crucial to know before contacting a branding partner.

Consumer’s Interests Alignment

The prime aim of brand development is to satisfy the needs of a customer which he/she expects from the company. If the customer Interests are not fulfilled, a company along with it’s branding partner, as a branding agency in Toronto, cannot sustain its status and may collapse on their backs. You and your brand partner should share the resembling customer segments.

Relative Shared Values

One of the most and mass significance matter are the values that a company and it’s brand partner share. The branding partner you are glancing for should have the same relevant shared values that your customers desired to find in your product. Otherwise, your potential audience may be attracted by your competitors, who are leaving no stone unturned in compelling your consumers to reach them.

Brand’s Comparison

Contracting with a low branding partner is a matter of depression. A low-ranked branding partner lowers the marketing value of your brand product and leads you to the ground level deck. A branding partner history may lead you to sign a bond for your company brand or walk out for a comparative highly reputed partner.  In the case of cross-promotion of brands, this phenomenon can not be overlooked. If web traffic is relatively higher than that of another, may not run together. This factor also provides assistance in hiring a branding partner.

Again your partnership’s aims are crucial in deciding to hire the right branding partner.

Branding Your Business the Right Way

“If your business is not a brand, it is a commodity”, says Donald Trump, the President of Trump organizations. How to become a brand is the question of billion dollars and answering it worth more. After successful creativity and innovation in designing your brand product, a path is searched to brand your business the right way. The earlier discussion encloses the selective parameters of a branding partner. Here we will look for some tracks that will, of course, brand your business the right way;

Find Out Your Target Audience and Competitors

A very first step to launch and establish a company is to find out its target audience and competitors. Your target audience will help you out in designing your product development and subsequently lead you to identify your competitors. Both these factors will guide you to shape a strong branding for your business. These 3Ws are to be answered carefully:

  • What products or branding services you offer to your customers?
  • How the things give you a distinct status from the competitors?
  • Why do you want to exist and offer your services?

Satisfactory reply to these 3Ws may provide a glowing layout for a successful business branding.


Personify and address your business brand. Personification enables you to take out the right customer demographics for your brand. Brand designing really rests upon the understanding of a consumer persona. Once the identification of the right buyers accomplished, the brand-building process directly flourishes, especially marketing efforts. You always desire the right person to consume and click on your content. Consequently, this entire process will support your content marketing and digital brand building strategies.

Name Your Business

The name is identity. This is one of the fundamental factors that give your business an identity in the market. Your brand is much more than a name, but the significance of it cannot be ignored. Always try to select an attractive and easy name which may be a metaphor, acronym or a combination of two words. An attractive name possesses more strength and stands you out in the market.

Catchy Slogans

Catchy slogans are of infinite importance. It often bears the business’s most common objectives that carry a huge impact and highly motivating impressions. A slogan makes you understand in a nutshell approach. Slogans may be changed with your exploring marketing dimensions.

How Your Brand Should Look

Your brand look is the visual representation of it. The selection of colors depicts the abstract message you want to convey through your brand look. It also differentiates you from your competitors and makes a distinctive line among your potential customers. The right selection and combination of colors affect the psychology of the target audience in a positive way. The emotional attachment built between a company and it’s potential consumer depends upon the color scheming to some extent. These colors should be differentiable in such a manner that the content may not mix up with each other.

Logo Designing

A company’s logo is the very basic thing that comes to mind whenever you think about its brand product. The logo of a company is so much important for its brand recognition. A logo should be unique, recognizable, and scalable at the level to exist. A logo based on text may not exist everywhere as the text merges into the written content. So, alternatively, it should accompany an iconic triangle, square, or any other shape to retain its separable status from the content.

Never Give Up

Naming your brand, catchy slogans and logos are not the terminating factors and benefits of branding for your business. Consistency in branding is the everlasting requirement. Your brand needs to exist everywhere, where your customers interact with. Your brand should be rotatable as it exposes to more and more customers. You can only give the right direction to the customer irrelevant to his/her thinking and perceptions. The only thing you can do is the unceasing efforts to provide more betterment in branding to your loyal audience.



Mudassir Malik is an entrepreneur, tech expert, BPO, and operational excellence coach currently working as the co-founder and COO at PNM Group. Mudassir has been in this industry for over a decade now. He has helped several North America-based companies with different mega projects including a state-of-the-art job board, a national portal for customer facilitation for a Canadian State company, etc. Currently, he is overseeing the strategy and vision, major client relationships, and leading key engagements at PNM Group which is a leading branding agency based in Toronto offering full-scale design, development, branding, and digital marketing related services.

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