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Spreading Brand Awareness With The Help Of A Branding Agency

What is Branding Agency?

A branding agency helps build your company’s image among peers and consumers; it helps uplift your business character and build a rapport across the industry and among competitors. They help develop awareness to bring consumers by not just creating a brand logo or a website, but they help build business perception. Uniqueness is what they bring to your business. A branding agency works for a long number of hours just to come up with a trademark service that you are looking to depict to your consumers. Branding agencies compromise a team of designers, strategists, thinkers, digital media gurus, and developers. These companies build narrative among the consumers which in return attracts consumers to avail your services.

If we look around, many companies offer Web Development services; but specialization in a certain niche helps bring in the consumers and because of this companies get to start recognition among peers and users. This character-building aspect of the company is performed by Branding agencies. PNM Group excels in providing the branding service and has a portfolio to showcase the results.

Branding Vs Marketing

There is a well-known saying that ‘Brand first, Market second’.

Marketing and Branding might look similar but are interlinked to each other. Branding defines the company, whereas marketing provides the tools which you can use to market the product or service you deal in. Branding is a long game that is done to reach a certain point, for example when someone asks you for luxury bikes, you quickly say Harley Davidson. Whereas, marketing is a small part of it, which is quite important and key to branding. Marketing is done to get the rewards of the efforts done in branding the company.

Branding requires understanding the bigger picture before setting off for the journey. If we take the example of Apple, Apple didn’t start selling its products before working and developing the brand image. They first came up with a brand awareness strategy to make users understand what Apple is all about, their Operating System, and their uniqueness to other similar phone-making companies. This awareness strategy helps understand that branding is something that takes years, before marketing and reaching the end-users.

Branding agencies stay long after companies launch their product. If we see, most companies stay with branding service partners for a long period of time, unless the plan doesn’t go as planned.

A marketing agency’s job is not to develop the logo or website, but with a sole job to reach the target user market with its unique features. It can include various factors like region, age, gender, and so on. Marketing can only be done, given that branding has been done and users understand the company’s ethics and values.

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How it can help your Business

Branding agencies use the following 6 methods to brand the company.

  • Brand Messaging
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Voice
  • Style Guide
  • Social Media Branding


Logo Design

We have heard many a time that ‘First impression is key ‘ or ‘First Impression is the last impression’. A logo is the first impression a consumer gets of any company. It speaks volumes of the nature of the company, the product and service they deal in, and brand impression in the simplest of forms.

If we take the example of Nike, its logo straight away gets the user’s attention and is one of the most recognizable of the company across the globe. Similarly, FedEx previously registered with a brand name of Federal Express but as the brand name started to get recognizable, the company decided to shorten the brand name, and now by having a look at the brand logo, we all can easily recognize the brand.

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Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is done to tell what the company will provide to its consumers, how is the service unique to other similar service providers. Everything a company says must be proved with their actions. If we take the example of Subway, Subway started gaining a reputation as the result of brand messaging and advocating for health-conscious consumers. We Brand agencies help craft messages that portray the image a brand seeks for.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning if we say is a subset of Branding, won’t be wrong. Brand positioning sets you apart from all the competitors. If we take a look at fast-food chains, i.e. KFC, Mcdonald, Subway, etc; all have a brand positioning that targets a different set of consumers and this is what sets each fast-food chain apart. It’s the uniqueness that helps position the brand among the rest.

Creating a brand strategy is about matching the demands of the consumers by making the best use of the given skills and abilities. Branding agencies’ job is not to over-exaggerate the company’s portfolio, but to bring out the positive side in a more effective way that benefits the company.

Brand Voice

Brand voice is basically the voice of the people behind it; it depicts what people working behind the doors do. For instance, Snapchat; people just by hearing the word can get an idea about what it is about. Likewise, brand voice makes the business more prominent and leaves an ever-lasting impression in the mind of the consumers.

Style guide

As the name suggests, it’s a graphical representation of a company. Style guide represents in more detail the above-stated points. It includes what colour scenario to use, which font style to use, brand voice, tone, and messaging. In short, it’s a complete booklet for the brand.

Social Media branding

Social Media branding, last but not least is the most powerful of all the tools; used in the modern-day and age. The global power social media applications hold is enormous and can take your business to extend one would never have imagined. If we look across the branding methodologies. Social media applications come on the top of the list with their global impact and recognition.

We are a branding agency in Toronto with all the core branding tools required to take your business to unprecedented heights. 

Mistakes people make when hiring a Branding Agency

While hiring a branding agency one should look into detail for the features given below, as at the end of the day branding agency hired which doesn’t live up to expectation becomes a reason for disappointment and loss of money.

A branding agency that does not study and understand the business model of your company and starts marketing is a complete failure. A branding agency should know your business competitors and then work out a strategy to place you among competitors with unique features which your business presents.

With Graphic Designing being one of the key elements in engaging the consumers, someone with not up-to-date skills will not be able to persuade the viewers, and this is another of the mistakes people make when hiring a branding agency.

Likewise, a branding agency that is not able to come to grips with your skillset will never be able to market you in the right way. This is one of the major mistakes hiring agencies make.


Branding agencies have changed the way we used to function and have taken businesses to new heights. It is key to hire a branding agency that understands your business thoroughly and depicts your services with the best of their efforts. It’s not just the responsibility of the branding agency but also the hiring agency to make sure that the branding agency understands their business ‘in and out’ before working on brand awareness.

We are a Toronto based branding agency; that excels in providing branding services and would love to help you out in reaching the goals you had set before starting the business.

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